Saturday, September 8, 2007

Saturday, 9/8/07

Radiation: All together now! One more treatment! My last radiation is scheduled for Monday, 9/10. I can't wait. My underarm area is the color (and texture) of burnt toast. It hurts pretty bad. I am using RadiaGel for the burn. It's like aloe with an analgesic in it and I take Tylenol during the day and Oxycodone at night.

Because my skin is broken, I decided to forgo the LSU/VA Tech game tonight. I figured sweating and possible rain would not be a good idea for my skin. I'll be watching on TV however.

Hair: My hair is continuing to grow. I now have enough that I don't need to wear a hat or scarf, but not enough to comb! I now know why I had so much trouble styling my hair (when I had some.) I have cow licks all over my head! I fear I'll look like a troll doll at some point!

Bathroom: Things are coming to completion. The shades were put up this week. The only thing left is a cover for the outlets.

Kitchen: They finished the backsplash and grouted this week. It looks great!

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