Monday, February 12, 2007

Pre-op paperwork

Went to the hospital today and signed my life away. They told me about all the nasty and awful things that could happen when you are under general anesthesia - a swarm of locusts could attack and carry you away, your wound could turn gangrene and be amputated, you know the cool stuff - then they wonder why your blood pressure is a tad high! I passed even though I've caught "the crud". A horrible hacking dry cough. My surgeon seems unconcerned however. I guess if I cough up my lung during surgery, she can put it back!

I am overwhelmed by all of the notes, cards and emails y'all are sending me! Bob M, LOVE the card! (It has french fries on the front.) Not the typical "get well soon" card, but then again those who know Bob know he is not your typical guy!

And I do appreciate the prayer cards and bible verses that y'all are sending too. I know it certainly can't hurt to have so many people pulling for me!

Going to New Orleans tomorrow to wrap up loose ends with the client, then under the knife on Wednesday. I'll get Trey or Tom to post an update on Wednesday after the surgery.


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