Friday, March 2, 2007

Friday, 3/2/07

Went to the Radiologist today for a CT scan. Apparently they do this preliminary exam to get the data needed for the physicist to calculate the path of the radiation beams. And in my case, to get the data for acceptance into the NIC study. The calculations are needed so they can miss your vital organs - like your heart and lungs, along with your rib cage when undergoing radiation. Who knew that a physicist would be your best friend when you get breast cancer?

Any-who, they lay you down on this table that moves in and out of the CT tube. I could have fallen asleep but for the fact that you had to hold your left hand just so, and move your right hand up some, no down. Now move your chin up, tilt your head... that's it!!! I once had a photographer tell me that if it felt unnatural, it'll make the best picture. If that translates to CT tests, this will be a Monet!

Then they mark you up with Sharpie Paint pens - red and blue - and put stickers on you. I look like a cross between a K-4 masterpiece and a Tim Burton movie. They do the marks so they can line you up each time when you go for the radiation treatments. At the end of all this, they TAKE YOUR PICTURE "for their records"! I asked if they were going to post it on the Internet. They assured me they would not... So all you Internet surfers out there, let me know if my picture ends up in cyberspace, will ya? Although I do feel a bit cheated... someone had told me that the radiation techs she had seen where buff young men. Me? I get two twenty-something young women, skinny, blond and WAY too perky. Just my luck.

Still in the hurry up and wait mode on the test results. And still drinking from the fire hose.

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