Friday, March 9, 2007

Friday, 3/9/07

I got about 20 pints of blood taken yesterday. Yes, I know that I'm only supposed to have 10 pints in my body, but as y'all have been saying, I'm "above average"! :-0 Anyway, it sure felt like 20 pints. Actually it was 8 very full, very large vials. I have to get all of these tests prior to being accepted in the clinical studies. Fortunately, I was able to coordinate the drawing of the blood with both studies, so I only had to have one stick. I am lucky that my cancer was on the left side. (I can not have blood drawn or a blood pressure taken on my left arm) I have a vein in my right arm that makes a phlebotomist pee all over themselves in excitement.

The other bit of "excitement" is that Dr. Boyer (radiologist) apparently randomized me a bit early. She put me in the "no chemo" group. If it turns out that I need chemo, it will make the research nurse's like a tad difficult as she will have to file a ton of paperwork to get me changed to the chemo group. Therefore, I am looking at this as a sign that I won't need chemo!

Other than that, I'm very busy getting ready for the 50th this weekend.

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