Monday, March 5, 2007

Monday 3/5/07

Heard from Dr. Boyer this morning. (She is the radiation oncologist) The computer flipped the coin and I'm in the 6 1/2 week group. So I'll get the traditional radiation treatment.

When the radiation starts will depend on the chemo decision. If I have chemo, radiation will start after. If I do not have chemo, radiation will start "right away". I'm guessing next week sometime.

We are still in a holding pattern on the chemo. My appointment is Wednesday afternoon. I'll post and update Wednesday night.

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Anonymous said...

Hey Shawn,
Love reading your comments and all the info you are reading. You may be drinking from a fire hose, but you have condensed down to a wonderful sprinkle!
How are you able to function - like can you stitch? Back driving again? Glad all is going well and that your spirits are up. Know that you are the center of many emails and prayers!
G Smith