Wednesday, March 28, 2007

Wednesday, 3/28/07

Got my mediport put in today. It is a devise that is implanted under the skin to allow the chemo to be administered directly into my veins. The doctor said that many patients find this procedure to be more painful than the lumpectomy. She was right! It doesn't really HURT, just very uncomfortable. The port is on my right side, between my collar bone and shoulder. (At least that's where the bandage is.)

As far as side effects go, I have a very dry mouth and a splitting headache. They gave me a different kind of pre-op "la la" drug this time. The nurse did say it would cause a dry mouth, but she didn't say anything about a headache. I would have thought the dry mouth would be gone by now! (It's now midnight, 12 hours after surgery.) Before I left the hospital, they gave me a pain pill for the ride home. Since I hadn't eaten anything since the day before, the nurse brings me a saltine cracker. Remember I said I have a dry mouth? Ever try to eat a cracker with no saliva? Not much fun. I did manage to wash it down with a gallon of water.

Anyway, this too shall pass. Have more tests tomorrow with the cardiologist. Apparently (a rare but serious) side effect of the chemo is a damaged heart.

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