Friday, June 29, 2007

Friday, June 29, 2007

Port: Got my port out yesterday. It was done at the Doctor's office with just a local! I was not amused. The only part that really hurt was when she put the local in. It hurt like a SOB! Then I could hear everything she was doing - the tugging, pulling and the sounds of the port coming out. Got a little lightheaded, but I survived. Feels ok today. There is some bruising, which I'm sure will become more colorful as the days progress. The stitches are inside, so it doesn't look bad. It is not painful - Tylenol is sufficient.

Why didn't I post yesterday?: Our internet was down yesterday afternoon and last night. There was an intense thunderstorm here about 5 pm. A house down the street was hit by lightening and caught on fire! There were about six fire trucks, ambulances, and many support personnel fighting the fire. It took about three hours to get it finally out. The woman who lived there was home at the time. She got out safely, but her home is a total loss. We had lightening strike a tree about 10 feet from our house last summer. We are very fortunate that it didn't hit the house!

Wednesday, June 27, 2007

Wednesday, June 27,2007

Short Story: Getting better every day. My head itches, so I guess my hair is growing back!

Port: I get my port out tomorrow at 11am. It is done in the doctor's office! I don't even get put to sleep. Not real sure how I feel about that, but I'm sure it'll be OK.

Bathroom: Things are progressing. The drawers and laundry chute are now in. Also, the backsplash is complete.

Everything is ready for the next step - the painter to prep the walls for the wallpaper and to stain the new wood.

The backsplash and new drawers. (The notes are on the faucets because the drains are not hooked up.)

The laundry chute.

Sunday, June 24, 2007

Sunday, 6/24/07

Biloxi: We are back from our weekend in Biloxi. Had a wonderful time. Spent time at the casino tables, ate at Mary Mahoney's (it has reopened since the storm), and drove around a bit. Most of the businesses and homes along Hwy. 90 are still gone, but a few souls have rebuilt the stately homes that used to line the road. New businesses are also springing up.

How am I feeling? Still doing well, however I need 10 hours of sleep a night. Like I've said before, it's the new normal. Looking forward to getting my port out on Thursday.

Wednesday, June 20, 2007

Wednesday, June 20, 2007

Things are never dull around here: We discovered the upstairs tub is leaking into the library. The people who built the house, put a shower in a jacuzzi tub. Why is this an issue you ask? I'm told that "real tubs" have a flange on them to keep the water where it belongs, inside the tub. This tub does not have a flange on it. When one stands in the tub, the caulk gives slightly allowing the water to seep under the shower wall to the floor/ceiling below. We had the caulk replaced, but it didn't help. We can't afford to have the library ruined, SO, we get to put a new tub in our upstairs bath. Of course this means one needs a new floor and who knows what else. Hopefully the contractor we are using for the downstairs bath can also do the upstairs. He's on vacation this week, so we have to wait until Monday to talk to him. We are now using the downstairs bath. Fortunately, we have four full baths!

Master bath: Things are moving, albeit slowly. The glass people came Monday to do their final measurements. I'm told it'll be ready three weeks after it is ordered. Who knows when it'll get ordered! I'm guessing it'll be the end of July before we can move back into our room. Trey says the sooner the better!

Anniversary: Tom and I are celebrating our 22nd anniversary Friday, June 22. We are planning to go to Beau Rivage, a casino hotel in Biloxi, for the weekend. Should be fun.

How am I feeling: Doing better every day.

Sunday, June 17, 2007

Sunday, June 17, 2007

Happy Father's Day to all the Fathers out there! We celebrated Father's Day and June birthdays last night at my Mom and Dad's house. My brothers Bob and Tom grilled steaks and we had a wonderful dinner.

Still Tired: Feeling OK, but still tired. I'm having trouble falling asleep the last couple of days. I think it's because of "withdrawal" from Ativan, one of the nausea drugs. (It makes you sleepy.) That symptom usually lasts a couple of days so hopefully tonight I'll be able to get to sleep sooner.

Trey: Trey's party was a great success. Lasted from 1 pm to 1 am on Friday. I'd estimate about 30 kids were in and out with about 15 - 20 here at any one time. Tom grilled hamburgers and hot dogs which were enjoyed by all. Apparently the last hamburger was eaten at midnight thirty. Three young ladies showed up at 11 pm as I was going upstairs to bed. Oh to be young again, when one STARTED going out at 10 pm instead of heading to bed!!

Thursday, June 14, 2007

Thursday, 6/14/07

Feeling better: Feeling better today. The Neulasta seems to have kicked in so my energy levels are higher.

Bathroom: The plumbers are here today. Why is it that nothing is easy?? Apparently the lavatories were put in backward on the granite. So one more workman has to come. At this point, what's one more!

The faucets are in and the shower head is on. Apparently I need something called a wall 90 hand shower in polished brass. Once I get that, then the hand held shower can be installed.
Trey: Is having his birthday party here tomorrow afternoon. He has invited 40 of his closest friends. Should be interesting!
Port: I've scheduled to get my port out on June 28 at 11 am. Can't wait. While it's not uncomfortable per se, it bothers me when I sleep on my stomach.

Tuesday, June 12, 2007

Tuesday, June 12, 2007

Sleeping: How can one person sleep so much? I am tired of it! I slept for 12 hours last night, got up for about 2 hours then down for 2 hours. Did that all day long. I hate it. Hopefully, tomorrow will be better.

Other side effects: The other side effects, dry mouth, shakes, nausea, etc are not as bad as they were the first go round of chemo. Which is good, but the sleepiness is much worse.

Guess I can't complain about getting my beauty rest!

Monday, June 11, 2007

Monday, 6/11/07

Short story: Still feeling good. Sleeping a lot however, but that too will pass.

It is true! I won an Opportunity Knocks basket! My friend Jann brought it to me this morning. Following is what is in it!

The List:

The Stuff!

The Tree with origami bills $200 dollars worth!!

Summer has arrived: Forcast for today is 97 with a heat index of 108. So glad I can stay inside!

Sunday, June 10, 2007

Sunday, June 10, 2007

Short Story: Still feeling pretty good. A little tired, but not bad. Took a couple of naps today.

Trey: Went to the Times (a hamburger place) for lunch with Trey and some of his friends for Trey's birthday. They are now over at the house watching the NBA finals.

Bowling: Trey, Stef (Trey's girlfriend) and I also went to watch Tom bowl singles and doubles in State Tournament. Unfortunately, he is not in the money. But he had fun!

EGA: At region seminar, one can purchase tickets for opportunity baskets. The baskets are supplied by various chapters as fundraisers for the chapter. The tickets cost $1 apiece and you place the tickets in buckets next to the baskets. I purchased $20 of tickets and I won a basket! At least my friends tell me I won it - the drawing was Saturday at lunch. Allegedly it is on it's way to me. I know it has bills in various denominations totaling $200 made into origami cranes plus other stitching related items. I can't wait to see what else is in it. I've been to 12 Seminars and never one a basket before. I'm very excited!

Saturday, June 9, 2007

Saturday, June 9, 2007 noon

Short story: Been up since 8 am. Still feeling pretty good. Although I'm about ready to take a nap.

What I'm up to: I've unpacked my stuff from the weekend and loaded the dishwasher. Tom and Trey are very good at rinsing the dishes, but they haven't quite mastered the art of going to the right (where the dishwasher is). But at least the dishes are rinsed! Guess I shouldn't complain.

I've finished editing the pictures from my parent's 50th anniversary party. Be on the look out for an email from me or my mom. If you don't get an email and want to see the pictures, send me a request and I'll get it right out to you!

Bowling: Tom is bowling in State Tournament this weekend. Wish him luck!

Trey's birthday: Trey will be 19 tomorrow, June 10, 2007. I find it hard to believe that I am the parent of a 19 year old. Why is it that when you see your friend's children they seem so old, but your children don't seem to get older?

Friday, June 8, 2007

Friday, 6/8/07

Short Story: Well, my counts were good on Tuesday, so I had my LAST treatment today! Tom came and picked me up in Houston. He arrived around 10:30 Thursday night and we left around 8:30 Friday morning. We arrived at the doctor's office at 1:30, 15 minutes early.

EGA: I had a wonderful time at my seminar. We spent our time shopping, eating and stitching. What better time could be had than that???

Treatment plan: Had my last treatment today. Yeah!! I'm very happy about that. Getting a bit tired, but that is to be expected. I am planning on going to Oregon to visit my friend Audrey in July then on to a company meeting in Denver the rest of the week. My radiation should start when I return the week of 7/16. That will last for 6 1/2 weeks. I'm hoping to be able to squeeze in getting my port out before radiation starts.

Bathroom: Everyone put your hands together now! The tile is DONE!! I am so excited to have that phase completed, I can't begin to tell you. Phase "next" should start next week. Not sure what that phase is, but I'm sure I'll hear what it is next week.

Monday, June 4, 2007

Monday, 6/4/07

Short Story: Still feeling like the "new normal". I will be heading to Houston tomorrow for the EGA (Embroiderers' Guild of America) Region Seminar. Therefore, I'll be off line until Friday or Sunday.

I stop by the doctor's office on my way out on Tuesday for blood work. If my counts are low, my Friday treatment will be postponed, so I'll stay in Houston for the rest of the Seminar and return Saturday night. If my counts are OK, I'll be back for my final treatment on Friday.

Bathroom: FINALLY got the shelf for the bathroom. The tile guy will be here on Thursday and Friday, so hopefully the shower will be done by the time I get home!

Saturday, June 2, 2007

Saturday, June 2, 2007

Short Story: Still feeling good. Been sleeping alot however. Slept about 12 hours last night and took a 2 hour nap today.

Alaska: Trey's girlfriend, Stefanie, got back from Alaska today. Her family went on the cruise/tour that we were supposed to go on. We postponed until next year while they decided to go. We should be able to find out all of the do's and don'ts from them.

If anyone would like to go with us next year, let me know!

Alpha Phis: Went to dinner last night with my seven of my sorority sisters and two guests. We had a lot of fun. After dinner, we went to Erin's son Timmy's house. He is looking to start a business selling alcoholic ice cream. He had several flavors for us to taste test. Each scoop has the same amount of alcohol as a martini. I'm not sure I'm in the target market for this product. I'm thinking I'd rather drink my alcohol and eat my ice cream, although some of the flavors were quite tasty.

Bathroom: We are still waiting on the shelf to be ready. Allegedly it will be ready tomorrow. Since I'll be gone next week, the tile man is coming on Thursday and Friday when Trey is home. Hopefully, the tile will be finished by the time I get home!