Monday, April 2, 2007

Monday 4/2/07

Almost recovered from the port surgery. My bruises are now a wonderful shade of purple and gold. (Didn't help the Lady Tigers last night however....) It also itches like crazy. Yes, I know that is a sign of healing, but it is still annoying.

I went to a "Look Good, Feel Better" seminar today. It is sponsored by the NCI - National Cancer Institute. I highly recommend it to any woman going through cancer treatment. They give you about $250 worth of makeup, booklets, catalogs and other information. A cosmetologist showed us how to put on our makeup. I am gratified to know that I already knew most of the things she showed us. They also did a demo on how to wear hats, scarves and wigs. They were very innovative and gave me lots of ideas! I need to go through my stash of scarves, as well as my Mother's stash to determine what I need. SO, those of you who sew, stand by for scarf duty! :-)

I called my insurance company and found out they will pay $300 for a wig. So I guess I'll go wig shopping soon. I hear I'll loose my hair 2 - 3 weeks after my first treatment. Hummmmm, here's my chance to return to my childhood and go blond!

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