Saturday, April 7, 2007

Saturday 4/7/07

Executive Summary: Still feeling pretty good. The drugs are really keeping the nausea down. The best way to describe it is a slight hangover without the drunk! In the morning I have the shakes, cotton mouth and a mild headache. But if this is as bad as it gets, I'll make it through- I've had worse "real" hangovers!

With a nod to Paul Harvey, "The rest of the story": My mom, Linda W, Dawn and Karen came over today and helped me go though scarves and match them to my outfits. I feel very prepared to loose my hair now. Between my mother and me we have a TON of scarves. I only need to get some hats and headbands then I'm set.

Roberto, I'll take under advisement your suggestion to tattoo a "connect the dots" on my lump scars. I'll post a picture of what I do!

For those of you from out of town, it is COLD here! The low today is the upper 30's! Highs tomorrow in the 50's and RAINING. Which is a far cry from the 80's that we've been experiencing. I guess that's OK, because I wasn't tempted to get out in the yard.

I got fairly tired today. Took a "nap" from 5 pm to 10:30 pm. About to go to bed "for real" soon!

Thanks again for all the food, cards, emails and phone calls. They are all appreciated.


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John P said...

Hi Shawn, John P. here. Last we bumped was at Pier 1 and you were just coming on to do some AP work. Spoke with Rick and he mailed me your blog address. Hang in there hon. I think what you really need is to roll a fat one, lite up and think beautiful thoughts. Now of course I'm a child of the 60's so I guess that's my stock answer to everything. Other than that, my sister-in-law went through chemo aout 3 years ago. Total remission today and the good ending is that she used to be blonde with straight hair but now she is dark brown with her new naturally curly hair. That's some chemo/perm job. Heck, you could come out of this as a blonde. You'll have to keep us informed if they do indeed have more fun.