Wednesday, April 25, 2007

Wednesday, 4/25/07

Short Story: Still feeling pretty good. A little tired however. My hair is falling out all over the place. I'd estimate it's about half gone. I went for my physical therapy evaluation Tuesday and more blood work today.

More details for those of you who have to know everything!

Hair: You know how when you get a hair cut there are these little hairs all over you? That's what's happening to me. I can't wait for it to finish falling out. This is a real pain!

Cancer Fit and Physical Therapy: Yesterday, I went to my second Cancer Fit session. The topic was Exercising for Life, then we did 45 minutes of yoga. That same day, I went for my evaluation for physical therapy. They measured my arms for lymphoedema, and had me do a bunch of baseline exercises. One of the exercises was to see how many times I could stand and sit in a chair in 30 seconds. I probably could have done more if my knees weren't creaking so much! I'll go twice a week for therapy.

Dreams: My friend Ann L. sent me the following email. It's a hoot!

"I dreamed about us last night. We were at a party and you had on a hat! Someone said something about your hat and you said "Well, if you don't likethis, how about this?" and with that you pulled off your hat and there was long blond shiny hair. Then you said "Well, if you don't like this, how about this?"and you pulled off the blond hair and there was red hair. Then you said "Well, if you don't like this, how about this?" and you pulled off the red hair and there was brown hair slightly askew on your head! I woke myself up laughing, but went right back to sleep."

Tom: Tom is feeling alot better. He was able to bowl last night.

Next treatment: My next treatment is this Friday afternoon. Hopefully, I'll feel like I did last time - not too bad.

The bathroom remodel: Things are progressing. The plumbing is in on the shower and the electric lines have been run. The contractor is supposed to come tomorrow to put up the sheetrock in the shower in preparation for the tile guy to come next week.

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