Wednesday, April 11, 2007

Wednesday, 4/12/07

Short Story: Feeling MUCHO better. Finally got my strength back. Went all day without having to lie down. What a relief! Only took one nausea pill today - more insurance than need. My mom and I went to Total Woman Boutique today. It's a shop in town that caters to cancer patients. I got fixed up with headbands, turbans and hats. God knows I have plenty of scarves! So I'll be ready in the next week or so when my hair falls out.

More on hair: Many of you are asking how I feel about my hair falling out. Not sure what I'll feel when it happens, but as of now, I'm OK with it. As you know, I'm very pragmatic, so it's going to happen whether I want it to or not. Nothing I can do about it. So may as well slap a blonde wig on and get on with life! Besides, I spend about 3 minutes a day on my hair. I'll probably spend more time on a head covering than my "real" hair! Trey says that "Ms. Wendy {our hairstylist} is getting the shaft over this." That's because he gets a haircut about twice a year, and I won't need one for quite some time!

Vietnamese Nail Salons: The one thing that is bothering me is that I can't wear acrylic nails because of the risk of infection. I've been wearing false nails for years now and I feel naked without them! So I've been buying up OPI nail polish on eBay for those home manicures since I can't get salon manicures either .

For those of you, who have never had the pleasure of going to a Vietnamese Nail Salon, kick it here for a hysterical rendition.

When I told my nail stylist, "Tammy" (no lie, that's her name) that I needed to get my nails taken off and not put back on, she asked, "Why?”
I proceeded to tell her that I was starting Chemo.
Blank stare.
Blank stare.
"AHHHH ya! Cancer! Where?"
Breast cancer. Eyes dart to chest.
"Boob? But it still there!"

There was no explaining the difference between a lumpectomy and a mastectomy without disrobing, so I left it to her imagination.

Blood work: Went and had my blood drawn today. Apparently they keep track of your blood counts. Guess that's a good thing, but I hate having blood drawn. Should get the results tomorrow.

Tom: Tom goes in for surgery on his right wrist tomorrow at noon. He is getting a ganglion cyst removed. Please keep him in your thoughts and prayers. Nothing is ever dull at the Miller household!

Thanks: To all of my friends and family for everything. The notes, phone calls and emails are wonderful. I am very lucky to have each and every one of you as my friend.

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