Saturday, April 28, 2007

Saturday 4/28/2007

Short Story: Feeling pretty good. A little dry mouth, and some queasiness, but other than that OK. Took a 3 hour nap this afternoon, mainly because I went to a lecture on Chinese Embroidery and then to lunch with my chapter members so I got a little tired, but it was worth it!

Long Story
How I'm feeling: Have a slight dry mouth, and I'm "aware" of my stomach, but the nausea drugs are working well. Took a three hour nap today, so I'm not tired.

Hair: Tom shaved my head last night. I was so tired of having hair down my neck! He left a "fringe" around my face and my sideburns. He thinks it looks funny - and it does - when I'm around the house "naked", but when I wear a hat or a scarf, I don't look totally bald. In beard speak, it's a "chin strap", so I guess I have a "head strap"! For those of you are familiar with Gus Weill, a Louisiana political advisor, he sports a "chin strap". Not that I relish the idea of being compared to Gus Weill, but he is the most famous person I know that has a chin strap. An interesting visual, I think. Link to a photo of Gus for those who don't know who he is.

Any-who, not having hair does has it's advantages, it takes much less time in the shower, it also saves on shampoo and conditioner. However, it makes blending makeup at the hairline an interesting exercise.
Shawn with a "head strap".

Embroiderers' Guild: Our Region Director, Linda Ferguson, came to today's meeting. She gave us a lecture about Chinese Embroidery. Everything from two sided embroidery to chain stitch, to techniques involving horse tail hair! She went to China in 2006 and brought many samples of her work. It was very interesting.

First Row (left to right): Jann, Dawn, Pat, South Central Region Director EGA Linda Ferguson, Mary, and Judy.
Back Row: Jeanne, Ann (partially hidden), Jane, Dee, and Shawn
On Table: Samples of Traditional Chinese Embroidery.

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