Friday, May 18, 2007

Friday 5/18/07

Finally! A post!! Yes Ann and Jane, I have FINALLY posted something. Now your day is complete.

Short Story: Had my third treatment today. Got hooked up at 1:00 was out of there by 3:30. I slept the whole time. Could it be because I got up at 6:30 to go to therapy??? We then went out to eat with our friends, Mary and Ken. Mary is also a breast cancer survivor. We celebrated the end of her chemo. Still feeling OK at 10:24 pm.

The Details
Therapy: Still feeling good. I'm calling it "the new normal". I'm at about 90 - 95% of pre-chemo strength. I really think the therapy is helping. Upon reflection, the second treatment was easier than the first. I started therapy the week of my second treatment. On Wednesday, Debbie, the therapist, had me do an exercise for my hips where I turn my feet out and push against a bar. If I remember my ballet correctly, it's "second position". As some of you know, I dislocated my knee cap four times when I was younger. My knee decided it DOES NOT like this position. So today, I cheated and turned only my right heel out, not my left.

My Last scheduled treatment and SCR Seminar: My last treatment is scheduled for 6/8/07. That is right in the middle of the South Central Region EGA Seminar. (EGA is the Embroiderers' Guild of America). The Seminar is being held in Houston 6/6-9. I was hoping my doctor would consent to moving my treatment to the Monday after 6/11. She allowed how that was not advisable. So I'm going to have to forgo going. I'm really bummed.

Bathroom: A whole lot of nothing happened this week. Ken, the tile man, went to get the goopy goop to put on the wall behind the tile - yes goopy goop is a technical term. In this case it is a rubber like substance you paint on the sheet rock so as not to leak in the future - and his supplier was all out. Apparently someone came in right before Ken and bought it all. No more will come in until today - allegedly. BUT, our loss is our friends Philip and Laura's gain. They are also using Ken for THEIR bathroom remodels. He was able to go to their house and get their tile done while we are on hold.

Trey: Trey has almost settled in. His dorm refrigerator is still outside, and his wastebasket is still floating around the kitchen, but all in all, he has put his stuff away. He "forgot" to tell us when he got home last night from Stefanie's. I suppose it is difficult to have to report in when you are so used to not reporting. He can't wait for the bathroom to get done so we get out of "his" space. On the plus side, we have to run only one A/C at night now. He said he got all A's and one B in English. We are very happy with those grades!

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