Monday, May 7, 2007

Monday 5/7/07

Short Story: Nothing much new to report. Still feeling ok. A little tired, but that's it.

Long Story:
Still on the antibiotics. I'll go for another blood test Thursday.

Stitching weekend: Had a wonderful time this weekend. About 12 ladies were in and out over the three days. I got alot of stitching done and lots of wonderful ideas for my current project, my niece, Danielle's stocking. (see picture below)

Insects: Figured out it was not a borer bee, but a horsefly that bit me - which makes much more sense! I figured it out when he attacked me again today. Apparently he thought someone had appointed him a guard horsefly. But I had the last laugh. I got a can of wasp spray and staked out the front door. I GOT HIM! He died a slow painful death. My arm itches like crazy - like all horsefly bites - but the swelling has gone down.

Bathroom: The tile is on the floor and the tub surround is done. It's looking great!

The floor

The tub surround

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