Sunday, May 6, 2007

Sunday 5/6/07

Short Story: Been having a blast with all of my girlfriends this weekend. My white counts are very low. Apparently the shot has not kicked in yet. The nurse called me and asked, "Did you get that shot?" I replied, "Yes, why?" She said, "Because your counts are very low." Apparently my count is 1000 something and the low of normal is 4000 something. There is another number that shows the ratio between the old and new white cells. The number should be 2000 something and mine is in the 200's. SO they put me on an antibiotic, Levaquin. This is the same antibiotic I took last time that seemed to work.

Long Story
Stitching Marathon Weekend
Ladies have been in and out all weekend. A total of about 15 different people so far. We've been stitching and eating and eating and eating.

Damn insects!
Friday, I went to get the mail. It was raining, so I used an umbrella. Apparently a borer bee (or something similiar) got caught up in the umbrella. When I closed it, the bee was not a happy camper. I got stung on the underside of my left forarm near my elbow. It has swelled up a little and is hot to the touch. (Yes, mom, I called the doctor.) They said there is nothing much they can do. Trey looked at it (he has young eyes) and did not see the stinger.

Naturally, all this happened right after the therapist gave me a huge lecture on lymphedema and not drawing blood, taking blood pressure or wearing tight jewelry on my left (affected) side.

Tom is due back this afternoon. He had fun bowling, but apparently is "not in the money". He did do well in the poker room however. Maybe he'll win enough to pay for the bathroom!

Speaking of the bathroom, the tile has been laid on the floor. Supposed to be grouted on Monday.

The doorbell is ringing. More stitchers coming to visit! I'll sign off for now!

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