Friday, May 25, 2007

Friday, 5/25/07

Short Story: Had a good day today. Feeling much better.

Rest of the Story: Laid down for about 20 minutes today. Much better than Wednesday when I spent all day in bed. Ended up canceling therapy yesterday. I didn't want to spend my energy that way!

Danielle: Happy Birthday to my niece, Danielle who is 6 today. We celebrated last night with the family. It was very nice.

Jann: Condolences to my friend Jann D. who lost her father on Tuesday after a long illness. The funeral was today.

Stitch in: I had the stitch in at my house today. Several people came and stitched, then we went to eat at the Broken Egg, a new restaurant nearby. I had fun.

Bathroom: We now have a shower floor! The tile is also being put on the walls! Progress is being made!! (The orange stuff is the "Schulter" system that makes the walls waterproof.)

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