Tuesday, May 29, 2007

Tuesday, 5/29/07

Short story: Still feeling good. Getting back into the swing of things again.

Memorial Day: Had a wonderful time this weekend. Tom had a Texas Hold 'em tournament here on Sunday night. Ten players showed up, plus three "fans". Todd was the big winner, but Tom was "in the money" twice. Trey held his own by coming in second one game.

Monday we spent doing some yard work - there is ALWAYS something to do - then grilled sausage and burgers. Trey got out his BB gun and we shot at some cans in the back yard. He said, "What can be more southern than this? We got guns, beer and BBQ!" It was fun and tasty!

EGA Regional Seminar: Turns out I'll be able to go for some of it. Tom has agreed to come pick me up in Houston Friday (6/8). So I'll be able to go to the Region meeting and one day of classes and get back in time for my FINAL (yeah!) treatment. What a nice guy he is to drive 250 miles (one way) to get me!

Tuesday night stitch in and my birthday tablecloth: I went to the Tuesday night stitch in at a local shop, the Cross Stitch Corner tonight. I finished my birthday tablecloth! What is a birthday tablecloth?? Every year since I was four, if you come to my party, you sign your name and year in pencil. Then I embroider it with white thread - well my mom used to do it until I was a teenager. Last year, Tom and I estimated there were approximately 1,500 names on the tablecloth. I usually start frantically embroidering it in December for my January birthday. This year I vowed to start right after my party in January. I had 69 names to embroider for 2007 and each name averages about 45 minutes to do. I FINISHED it tonight! I am so proud of myself.

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